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Malfini 129C - Basic T-shirt Gents - Bleu pétrole

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Malfini 129C

This basic men‘s T-shirt by Malfini adopts a very basic style as is indicated in its name but has got it all to please. With its tubular cut, it immediately seduces amateurs of the style.

This item is of very high quality and benefits of a neat silicone finish and of a conception that respects all textile regulations. Its narrow 1:1 rib knit neckline is composed of 5 % elastane. This composition is useful for the specific area, to reinforce the T-shirt’s structure and to ensure its strength, given that it is a frequently manipulated area. It also has a reinforcing band going from shoulder to shoulder. It must be noted that this item is a combination between two groups and therefore has two tags (Malfini and Adler).

The weight of the T-shirt is of 160g/m2, numbers that show the light feel of the fabric. You can wear it during heatwaves without any problem.

To take care of it, you can use the washing machine or wash it by hand. It will not tear easily and will not lose its colour during its first washes.

* Tubular cut

* Narrow 1:1 rib knit neckline hem with 5 % elastane

* Reinforcing shoulder to shoulder band

* Silicone finish

* Merged product with label MALFINI/ADLER

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